Historic Embossed Singles

We are replacing 25 year old asphalt shingles on a 110 year old farmhouse. We very mich want to use embossed Victorian metal shingles made by Berridge or discount metal. The original pitch is 10/12, but porches have been added with 2.5/12 pitches. We love the historic look of embossed singles, but is that an inappropriate application? Today's standing seam looks too modern. Our other choice would be Certainteed Carriage House but we prefer the metal. Advise please.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
The lack of mid-panel locks on the standing seam does make it a bit less "historical", but it also makes it more seamless and more maintenance/installation proof. There are metal panel systems that look like shake and slate that might fit the bill if you are against the vertical standing seam.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The 2.5:12 is too low of a pitch for the metal shingles. Another company you may want to look at is WF Norman Corp. One thing you could do is use the metal shingle son the steeper roof and perhaps even a hand-formed standing seam for the porch, maintain a very historical roof.

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