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22 year old metal roof. 12 years ago, the homeowner installed a DIY platform to create attic storage. There is now some mold on some rafters, and slightly on some of the sheathing. Inspector thinks it could be the roof sweating, though it is not occurring elsewhere in the home. This seems to be a problem with the ventilation being decreased by adding the attic and loading it with boxes. Is this a roofer issue or a mold remediation company issue as first defense?
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How is the roof currently vented? The roof is never designed to ventilate through the roof so this is not the fault of the roof is any capacity. Roof ventilation is often misunderstood and it sounds like your inspector doesn't quite understand it as well. Google Air Sealing and insulation as well. If there is too much moisture making itself into the attic, that needs to be address via proper sealing and venting.

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