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Hello! I just purchased a home in Rochester, NY. It is an old home almost 115 years old. I knew it was due for a new roof when I bought it. My question is whether it would be smart to put metal roofing over the existing roof including the cedar shake underneath. My plan was to do a full tear off of the cedar shake and current roof shingles. Start over with plywood (or whatever the proper wood that goes underneath is). and do new shingles. Until someone told me I could go right over all of it with metal. I am just a bit worried about the long term issues with that for myself or a potential buyer down the road. I can't imagine what it would cost to do a full tear of of metal, shingles, AND cedar shake. Am I going to create a mess for myself long term if I go this route?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
A few things to consider. First of all, this would not be a terribly unusual installation. I have seen it done many times and have never once gone back and regretted it. The low weight of metal helps make this possible. More heavily formed metal products are more forgiving of uneven roof surfaces than are products like concealed fastened standing seam. However, you must make sure that you're within building codes for your area by doing this. Also make sure that the manufacturer of the roofing approves of it. Additionally, if there are any existing roof leaks or badly misshapen areas, those really need to be addressed and will require a tear-off. Could issues arise down the road? Yes, there is a chance that down the road if you go to sell the house, a home inspector may take exceptions to the three layers of roofing.

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