dimensional shingles meet standing seam

Earl McCreary
I just bought a newer home with a new dimensional shingled gabled roof. I will be adding on a covered deck and wish to use standing seam metal but do not wish to re-roof the rest of the house at this time. The existing roof is 5:12 or 6:12. The addition will be an 'L' off the original structure, 16 feet wide, 4:12, and roofs will meet at the same level. Is it possible to use metal on one side of the valley and shingles on the other? Is there any special flashing required?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Earl, It is possible. The installer will likely have to remove some of the existing shingle and install his metal but it is quite doable. Post up some pictures and you will get more feedback if you wish. The short answer is "Yes".

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