Buying a house with metal roof installed over purl insurance only

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My family and I were interested in purchasing a home till I looked into the attic and saw that the metal roof was installed over purlins only.No sheathing or insulation was installed, Is this normal to do.I have never seen this before except for sheds and barns.I imagine even if this is OK it must make rainy days and nights very noisey and being in southeast Louisiana we have quite a few of those days and nights around here.
Todd Miller
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I am not fond of this practice as it can make the attic prone to condensation. And there is the noise concern you mention. If the attic is well vented, well insulated, and has a vapor barrier behind the ceilings, you can offset the condensation risk.
Eric Novotny
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Condensation should be less of an issue given the climate where you are located the the lack of a long or strong heating season. Be sure to air seal and insulate the attic and that should take care of most of the moisture movement issues. How is the attic treated? Is it a ventilated design?

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