Matt Last
I am going to build a storage building 30' x 48' behind my house. I plan on a 4' deep frost wall foundation with footings. The inside ceiling height will be 14'. I'd like the walls to be 2x6's 24"OC.with outside 1/2" sheathing. I plan to use trusses 24" OC (8/12 pitch) as well. Can the steel roof be placed on 2x6 purlins 24" OC alone, or should it be placed on 5/8" sheathing. I'm asking because I haven't seen purlins used for a steel roof where the walls are stick-built and sheathed (i.e, mixed).
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If this building will never be heated and never have a moisture source inside of it, you can get by without decking. If it will ever be heated or have moisture sources (including animal confinement), I would opt for decking and, if possible, a vapor barrier beneath the decking.

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