Stacky John
Howdy everybody, I have a question regarding the warranty of my roofing. We re-roofed our home about 6 months ago last Monday I brought a new ISSI Solar powered Attic Vent . I heard that this is DIY initiative and we can install it by ourself. Now I am concerned about the warranty of my roof. Did it really void my Roofshake 40 warranty(40 years)?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
If you disturbed the installation and were not approved to work on the roof by the original installer, I would not warranty that area of the project against leaks or materials. The installer and manufacturer would be hard pressed to invalidate the warranty (install and product) on the other sections of the roof though.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You should have had a warranty on materials from the manufacturer and a warranty on workmanship from the installing contractor. Both warranties should have been spelled out in writing and that writing would indicate any impact this might have. My gut feeling is that it should not affect the product warranty (unless the product was physically damaged as a result of the work) but it may impact the workmanship warranty which would have included a leakproof warranty.

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