Metal roof repair? And install new flashing?

Yu Kuwabara
Hi, I recently purchased a house in Serene Lakes, CA (near Tahoe... and we get a LOT of snow in the winter). It has a metal roof and there are two issues we'd like to address: The first issue is that the roof doesn't cover the fascia on the south side of the house. So I'd like to install something (maybe flashing?) to extend the roof to cover over the fascia. Here are some pics (I'm just going to attach a link to my google photos of the issues as it looks like I can only attach one pic at a time to these forums?) What do y'all recommend I do so I can cover the fascia? And do you think the fascia needs to be replaced? Oh, and I intend to rescrew the metal screws that are coming out... that you can see in these pics. Do you recommend replacing them with larger diameter screws or just re-screwing them back in? And if larger diameter screws, do you just go up one size? The second issues is that there used to be a leak. There is evidence of water damage in the upstairs bedroom and the garage ceiling directly below the "repair." It's where the roof comes together at a junction... and the repair looks quite shoddy and I'd like to get it fixed before the winter when there is constant snow for 5 months. Here are the pics of that. I'm trying to get a professional roofer out there to look at it, but just wanted to see if y'all thought this could be an easy repair, etc. Thanks!
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
The wood, at least in the picture that I can see, appears to be weather a good bit...but "OK". You can cap that fascia and tuck the coil under the metal roof slightly. I would look into getting the eave closures so as to prevent nesting as well. Should be an easy repair for a professional with the proper materials. The roof installation appears to be a bit questionable as well with the visibly over-torqued fasteners. I would have a qualified person take a look at it and see what revisions and repairs need to be made.

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