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Hi, We live in a 100+ yo home that has cedar shakes that need replacing. This is an old farmhouse with add ins and different roof pitches and directions, etc. we also have some type of gutter system that apparently is very unusual and will need to come down we hear...there is wood that covers pipes that run down the side of the house and collects water somewhere underground for the most part. Additionally there are wood gutters that run along each roofline and are shaped in a V pattern...which channel water into the pipe downspouts. Will a roofer know how to replace these or create a new system that won't flood our house in downpours? We want to replace the roof with an old style standing seam silver or galvanized look. In our previous home the standing seam roof started to rust and we re painted it with some type of special silver roof paint for metal. So, we are not only seeking to duplicate that look but find someone qualified to come up here in the mountains about 30 miles from nearest city. We also are concerned about advice we might get on avail products in our area and experience of installers. We aren't here full time and leaking would be a disaster. We are thinking we may also need a lightning rod as there was one on our old home...where to get one? Hopefully this all makes sense and I've actually asked questions that are easily addressed. Thanks much! I'm happy I found your site...I didn't realize how little we know! CB
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Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It indeed sounds like you have some unique situations going on. My advice is twofold: 1) Use the Find A Contractor section of this site to look for experienced contractors in your area. 2) Use this site to find manufacturers / products that you like and then contact them and ask for experienced contractors in your area. I do believe it would be possible to find one contractor who can handle this all but it will be important to "vet" them properly.

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