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I have a metal roof on my shed with several screw holes in it. Can you reccomend a sealent or other method to repair it?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks. One option is to put screws with neoprene gaskets into those holes.Another would be a quality sealant such as a butyl, urethane, or co-ether sealant.
David Stermer
Hi Luba, Thanks for your question. I like putting in a screw, even a large diameter stitch screw, just to fill the hole. If the hole is exposed to UV, just applying a sealant is generally just a temporary fix as the UV will break down most sealants over time. David
Guest User
Thank you, Todd and David! Will try to put in screws.
Lynn Noesser
For a third confirmation, I also agree that putting in a larger screw is a very good option. Applying a butyl sealant is a secondary option. If using this option make sure it is a urethane and not a silicone sealant. If you open it and it smells like vinegar (silicones) then it is not a good choice.

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