Trying to repaint colorband material roof

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Hello! I'm trying to repaint a roof made of colorband material, but I have a few questions prior to doing so. What type of acidwash should I use to remove the surface color? How harmful is it? What type of protection should I wear? How much will cover 8400 square foot roof? Also, how much will the primer and paint cost? Thanks so much!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Two recommendations. First contact the manufacturer and if you can't identify them, then contact an industrial paint store and take them a sample. In general terms it is not unlike painting an auto. There are many paint systems and substrates. As well the condition of the substrate (polution, chalk) will determine what type of surface cleaning and prep will be required. I do not recommend using acid and choose a quality paint when the type is identified.
Guest User
Dear Mr. Reid, With the type of roofing it is (Zincalume), the acid was seemed pertinent. May I ask why you don't recommend this and what alternatives you have for this? On one hand, would the acid treatment allow for us to paint and on the other hand, is there an online industrial paint store? Thanks!
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