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Im getting a new roof and need advice 1200 sq ft house. built in 1952. Cinder block construction. Three 4/12 roofs. 5 miles inland from the west coast central FLORIDA. Im adding rafter and collar ties. Vertical rafter supports. gable end supports. Hurricane straps. Then I will hire someone to remove old shingle roof. Secure planking with 8D ring shank nails. Might use peel and stick. Then Id like a metal roof, although I might go shingle. I dont have a lot of money, but i do want the strongest roof possible. I want my home to withstand the next big one that comes thru. Is metal really that much stronger and longer lasting then shingles? What is the best strongest type metal roof? Ive interviewed many contractors and each has a different opinion. The contractor im considering now says any roof all bets are off with wind over 80 miles per hour. Still metal is way better then shingles and that all that I need is galvalume with exposed fasteners. That standing seam is way more expensive and no better. That the exposed screws will never leak. Im doubtful. Your thoughts? tks, pa
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for your interest in metal. You will continue to find a wide range of opinions. However, I do believe metal offers a great option for a secure, worry-free, and energy efficient roof. The biggest advantage to metal, I feel, is that it does not weaken nor degrade rapidly over time the way other materials will. You seem to be far enough off the coast that steel roofs would be warranted but aluminum is still worthy of consideration. The best uplift resistance will usually be from an exposed fastener roof but then you do have the obvious risk of exposed fasteners. You can get very good uplift resistance with concealed fastener products. I have an article I'd like to send you but I need you to email me and request it so I can reply with it via email. My email is [email protected] Thanks again.

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