Average costs for replacing existing shingled roof with standing seam metal roof?

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We are in a pretty high-cost area so I am sure we will be toward the high end on a per square foot basis. I realize that lots of factors can affect the price Just looking not to get screwed over. We have a large roof on a rambler (about 2500 square feet of roofing. With moderate complexity -- 1 chimney, 4 vents, and a total of 6 valleys with each under 8 feet long and a moderate slope that is relatively easy to walk on for me at age 40..
Eric Novotny
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It does depend from area to area to be honest Josh. Skilled labor can be easily 20% higher in some areas. Around my parts (also in VA) it is a safe bet that it is going to be 2X what a good asphalt shingle will run you for a hidden fastener, quality standing seam roof and installation. Prices can vary from region to region, but that is just a good rule of thumb in my market.

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