Corrugated sheet to resist uplift wind load

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How can I install the corrugated sheet to resist the uplift wind load over space truss shade without any pulins between the upper cord members that mean the upper cord is acting like a purlin with span 3.15 m the upper cord section type is steel pipe.
David Stermer
Hi Abdo, Thanks for your question about metal roofing. One solution would be to use a corrugated panel that is capable of spanning between upper chords of the trusses. A word of caution about this solution, with corrugated panels sitting on pipes, every contact point between the panel and chord is just a point, so theoretically the panels have practically no web crippling strength. The panels would have to be quite thick to avoid support read-through, especially with this large of spans. If your corrugated panel is not capable of spanning that far, then a sub framing arrangement could be employed to support the corrugated panels. Up-slope framing members such as hats or Cs or Zs could attach to the top chord of the trusses and then reasonably spaced purlins could sit on top of these framing members and support the panels. A third solution is to apply a heavy duty deck that can span truss to truss and then attach the corrugated panel to the decking. Regards, David Stermer
Guest User
Hi, how could I make adequacy check of a corrugated sheet, is there any particular book or references, please if any. /// Doulatana

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