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Hi All, I installed a metal roof over a chicken coop and run by just fastening the metal roof panels down to purlins using screws. I'm about to install a vented ridge cap and need to know if this should be screwed through the panels and into the purlins as well, or should this just need to be screwed into the existing metal panels without worrying about hitting the purlins. Also, is there a need to be concerned about condensation at all? The main concern with the roof was just protecting the chickens from predators and keeping the weather off of them.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Yes, you should fasten the ridge vent to the purlins as well. Condensation could be minimized if it becomes an issue by spraying the under side of the roof panels with closed cell urethane foam.
Eric Novotny
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For an unconditioned space, the condensation potential should be small even though the ladies will be pumping out some BTUs and some moisture. If you are in an area where there is high wind, fastening through the panel and into the wood is preferable for longer term durability.

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