Metal roofing around fireplace chimney?

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I have seen no pictures nor any mention of metal roofing installed with/around a brick fireplace chimney. Is this applicable on a roof with the fireplace "in the middle" of the roof (as opposed to most being located on an outside wall - roof edge.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Sure. There will be different installation procedures prescribed by different manufacturers based upon the particular metal roofing product profile but this does not pose a major problem.
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what's the best way to install metal roofing around a rock chimney that is located on the side of the roof. Not at the end of the house. It's in the center on the side of the roof.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It really depends on the type of metal roofing system that you choose to use. The best advise is to contact the manufacturer of the roof system and get their recommendations. Stone chimeys are very difficult and you need to make sure it is in good shape and has no porous stones that can act as a sponge. We recommend placing a wood sub frame around the chimney similar to a skylight curb. The metal roofing can then be bent up against the wood and it provides a square surface to work against. Then have a counter flashing formed in the shape of a "Z" to flash over. Make sure the top leg of the flashing has a "gum edge" which means a 30 dgree bend outward. Fasten the lower part of the flashing to the frame and then form the upper leg to fit the stone. Drill and use plastic nailing plugs to hod it tight to the stone then fill tyhe reglet with a good quality caulking.
Guest User
Could you please correct the spelling in your last sentence as I'm having trouble understanding it? Also having trouble visualizing your description of the metal bends. We have a house with a standing-seam metal roof which was installed without flashing on the high side of a rock-faced chimney. (It was sealed with silicone.) The soffit underneath is rotted and the carpenters we have contacted are reluctant to tackle installing flashing between the rock and the metal. Question: What kind of metal can be used? Do you have any tips for retrofit? Don't know the manufacturer or installer, as we inherited the house.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Sorry the site does not have spell check and as volunteers our time is limited. Basically the counter flashing needs to have a tip put bend at the top of about 1/2" at 40 degrees that can be filled with caulking. This is called a reglet. The counterflashing should be installed with plastic nailing plugs into a hole drilled into the stone or masonry.
Guest User
do you have a diagram for this example? I have this exact problem and this will fix it if I can figure out what your saying
Nate Libbey
See the attached drawing. It may help you.
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