anchoring metal roofing to concrete

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In rebuilding our vacation home that was destroyed by fire, fire resistance is the most important factor. The home is to be built of Rastra, an ICF material. The roof/ceiling is to be reinforced concrete poured over the same Rastra as insulation. Low, 1/2" in 12, slope. Since built up roofing is more combustible than we want, a commercial type standing-seam roof looks attractive to us. Our questions are: how to anchor the metal roof to the concrete and whether some substrate such as metal decking would be desireable, to create an air space between them. The house is southwest in style with parapets and no roof ridges.
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There are fasteners available for this purpose. The exact fastener will be dictated by the type of metal roofing you choose. Work with the manufacturer of your chosen roofing to source a suitable fastener.
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