Metal Guttering in small conservatory

Barry Julier
We have a small UPVC porch in a corner which meets two roofs. The metal guttering attached to the facia board gathers water from the porch roof, the garage and utility roofs. The metal guttering inside has a metallic faced rubber material stuck onto it (about 8mm thick). All the guttering is then boxed in with UPVC cladding which leaves a space of about 10mm between the material and the cladding. Water has been gathering inside this cladding and then finding a way out - dripping unto the floor. When the cladding was removed, droplets of water were all over the metallic material and lying in the cladding was lots of water. There is no heating inside this porch. Is this a condensation problem and could it be fixed - the Conservatory company have no answer at present and only looking a rain getting in under the metal guttering and lying on the cladding?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This sounds to me like an issue with rain water getting places it shouldn't.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
That corner/valley detail is not ideal either. I would have it imagine that in a hard rain, water could push under that cap.

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