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I have a new home about 10 months old. During a storm this winter (very very windy and rainy), one of the windows in my kitchen was pouring water. Window guy said it cam un when the wind blew the rain up under the metal roof and into the opening at the top of the wall. My floors in my kitchen are also buckling. Apparently, there is a piece of metal that goes under the overhang to prevent this from happening, which wasn't installed in the first place. I have ruled out plumbing leaks. Is this a real possible scenario? Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject of roofing, hence the "terminology"... I need some answers and I stumbled upon your website. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Well, if there's one thing I have learned that pertains to rain and water ... it's that anything is possible. I would say though that leaks around a window are far more often the fault of the window than the roof but anything is possible. Can you email me a photo showing the roof and window area? [email protected] Or post it here?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Where is the leak showing in the wall? Above the window, ceiling, etc? How about some pictures of the interior and exterior?

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