Transition from shingle to Metal Panel Roofing

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Hi There, I'm planning a roof extension and need to begin the extension part way up an existing shingled roof - since the extension will be lower slope and installed in upstate NY (fairly high snow load), I'd like to use metal panels to keep to snow off. The question I have is how to transistion from a shingled roof to a metal panel roof, both at 90 degrees,a nd along a valley - for instance are there special flashing pieces availaible, and how specified? - Malcolm
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, make sure that the metal roof panel you installed is approved for the low pitch of your roof. This will require a sort of specialized flashing which will be half for the metal roof profile and half for the standard shingles. Your metal roofing manufacturer should be happy to work with you by providing either the special part itself or a drawing which would allow a local sheet metal shop to fabricate it.
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