Corner trim with raised rib in way

Tom Kara
I'm installing metal wall panels with 3/4" high ribs on 9" centers. Since this was a rebuild on an old foundation the dimensions were set, and when I got to the right corner I realized the edge of the corner trim at that end of the wall would end up right on top of the high rib on the panel. I'm thinking I'll just have to flatten the rib (somehow) but I'm wondering how a pro would handle the situation (and no, I'm not going to start over having cut all the previous pieces to fit the gable line perfectly.....) I thought maybe my supplier would offer different widths on the corner tim, but they don't.
Eric Novotny
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Do you have a picture?
David Stermer
Hi Tom, As you suspect, a pro would, based on experiencing this condition, locate the first panel so that it works for the first and last, ripping the first if needed. Also, if forced into this condition, a pro would field-break a custom corner to accommodate the rib locations. Regards, David

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