Leveling mobile home before new cap roof installed?

john tschogl
Recently purchased a 24 x 56 doublewide in a Senior mobile home park. It has a carport attached the entire length of one side, and a 24 ft. patio cover attached along the other side. We hired a contractor to do some work on the coach, including re-leveling (its 1-2 inches out of level in areas inside), and putting on a new aluminum cap sheet roof, which will attach to the top of both the carport, and the patio cover. The contractor said no problem putting the roof on first, and then re-leveling, and that is what he did. Might we encounter problems with the attached carport and patio covers then the re-leveling is done? Seems to us he did the job backward. Thanks, John Tschogl
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
If the two are connected, I can't see how that won't impact the roof. Maybe he left those panels unlocked to be screwed down or locked later, but I am not sure without looking at it.

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