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So I have an odd question. I am a firefighter and we had a house fire yesterday where I needed to vent the roof. This was the first live experience I had had to try and vent a metal roof and found it much more challenging than a standard asphalt roof. Essentially it was 1950's solid wood decking with asphalt then furring strips and finally metal roofing. I was using a Partner cutoff style saw and the metal would actually jam up in the saw as I was cutting. We switched to a chainsaw with a carbine tip chain and had some better results. What types of blades/saws do you recommend for cutting this material efficiently? Has anyone else had this type of experience. I had vented a lot of roofs in my time, all different configurations and materials, but again first experience with residential metal roof.
Eric Novotny
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Bi metal carbide works. Look for a Tenryu blade.
Dick Bus
Mark, here is a white paper that the Metal Construction Association printed on the subject. I hope this helps.
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Thank you for the assistance. I will be pushing out some information to the local training officers since these roofs are popping up all over the county.

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