Metal Shakes vs. Asphault shingles

steve Crandall
Dear Experts. I am in need of a new roof and I am leaning toward metal roofing. But I have several questions. My home is a 20 year gambrel style old log home with original 3/1 asphault shingles and is located where "high wind" is definitely an issue. My home has cathedral ceilings throughout the whole house. The roof structure consists of shingles over 3/4" plywood, over 4" blue foam insulation over 2" thick horizontal pine ship lap boards. The pine boards are exposed as ceiling and continue outside the log walls as facias. I am considering installing metal shakes over the existing shingles, but I am concerned of ventilation since the only ventilation is the seams in the shiplap boards. Would I have condensation problems? The log walls on the gambrel ends have sagged. If I install the metal roof, I am planning on using 2x4s to level this out. Is this a good plan? Noise. Should I stall rigid foam insulation over the exsting shingles? Also, I am planning on building a porch to be incorporate with the new roof, but the pitch might be very low - 1 to 5. If I increase the pitch, I may degregate the look of the house. But the pitch may be took low. Any recommendations would be certainly welcome. Thanks for your time.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Steve, this is a pretty complex question with many variables. However, I share your concern for possible condensation. Give me a call at my office at 1-800-543-8938 and we can discuss this in more detail.
Guest User
Do yourself a favor and use asphalt. There is a guy in Nebraska that used really great looking metal shake shingles on a very nice house. Wind-driven snow gets under the shingles and then you-know-what. I had a metal roof put on last year and got a bad installation. Murdock Construction, Pevely, MO. Don't use them. So far I haven't had a hard snow but I don't think that will be a problem with the type of shingle that we put on. Proper installation is the only key to success. Do yourself another favor - don't use Owens Corning shingles. Their shingles on my new 6 year old house failed and they wouldn't stand behind them.
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