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i am building a porch on the front of my house and would like to use corrugated metal for the roof. i realize there are all sorts of metal roofs and companies out there, but i am trying to keep it real simple and cheap - reminsicent of and old silo. is it possible to just go buy some galv corrugated metal, cut it to size and attach it to the plywood sheathing? where can i find details on how to flash/seal the roof where it meets the house? and, this is a hipped roof, so how do i deal with the diagonal seams? any advice would be much appreciated. thanks, derek.
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First off I would suggest that you understand the "amount" of galvanizing on the sheet steel. A G90 is recommended as a minimum weight for exposed conditions however there are many available on the market at lesser weights such as G60 which will not provide the same weathering protection. Many of the corrigated manufacturers supply a either a profiled trim for the hips and ridge or a profiled foam closure that works in conjunction with a straight bent flashing. Most building retail centres carry a line of panels ane have a more detailed technical manual available behind the counter or you could contactany of our members directly that list these products through the link to their web site. Good luck.
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