Chuck Heller
My sister has a small building in the US Virgin Islands. Lots of rain and wind and sun. Corrugated roofs are pretty much the "go-to" down there. I'll be going down for 2 weeks in January and we'd like to get a roof on it. It's a plywood roof, presently coated with a brush-on rubber roofing material. The problem is the shape of the roof... It's basically "octagonal" - 8 "pie" pieces coming together at the peak. (much regret over choosing that style, but it's done :-( ).... I will attach a picture or two. I'm "handy" but I've never done a roof like this. All materials will be from a Home Depot in Christianstead... I'm particularly interested/concerned with the vertical ridges... What material you use? width? attachment? under-layment of any type? should they be screwed on? riveted? Obviously (?) there will be no overlap where the "pie pieces" come together - and nothing standard about how they line up next to each other... - just looked at the photo and remembered that damn "porch" also... -- there are "valleys" where that meets the rest... :-( ANY advice, thoughts, comments, questions, will be very much appreciated! Thanks Chuck
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You will need to have hip flashing on the hips and a valley system in the valleys. Home Depot should be able to supply those parts on special order. They do need to be custom-formed also to meet the exact roof pitch.

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