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The pre-painted steel roof on a new NC oceanfront rental beach house is a concern because one built in our new community 2 years prior to ours (months old now) sprang a leak this year, $25,000 damage, apparently due to screws COATED in stainless steel, but not fully stainless steel. We assume all the other roofs are the same, thus we should act quickly to avoid this issue. QUESTIONS: SCREWS: What are the manufacturers' guidelines usually for steel roof screws? Do the mfr guidelines vary related to proximity to salt water? SCREWS REPLACEMENT: How difficult, expensive is this generally - and what risks should be avoided in the replacement process? Warranty issues are not the focus here - that's another matter. If we just have to get it done - I want to have the scoop on what to do and what to expect! Thanks very much!
David Stermer
Hi Beverly, The oceanfront environment is considered corrosive due to the presence of salt. Pre-painted carbon steel is not an appropriate material for a building's envelope in this environment. I would be very surprised if the issue on the other structure was with stainless steel coated versus solid stainless steel fasteners. My belief is that corrosion of the steel panel is a much more likely source of leaks than corrosion of either of these fasteners. For steel panels, I do not think I would change the fasteners. For aluminum panels, which are more corrosion-resistant, I would consider changing the fasteners. Regards, David Stermer

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