Dry Rot/Mold-Shingles to Metal Roof HELP please

Angela Brown
I have a house that I noticed a mildrew smell in the house, so starting cleaning to find the source of the moisture for mold. I located water circle in a bedroom closet that is now sagging in that area, so there is a leak. This house has an attic. A bad area in the back of the house on roof top, appearing water going down walls. I have also noticed wood that appears dry rotted and shingles look really bad. My concern is should a metal roof just be put over all of this with all this history. I am being told once the metal roof is put over all of this, I will not have any problems. What is the correct way to handle going from shingles to metal roof in this case? I am really concerned. Thanks, Angela B
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Metal should never be put over any rotted sheathing or wood. Once that is all replaced and fixed according to the structural requirements, properly installed metal is the best option to prevent any future leak concerns. If they are suggesting to just go over the asphalt, I don't care for that option. I think you should strip the roof, fix the rot, and then install you new metal roof.

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