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I have a 4000 sq foot asphalt shingles GAF roof on my home that are 18 years old and nearing the end of their life. The property has large trees on the back and there is a lot of leaf and pine needles that fall on the roof. It is a damp climate as well. The current roof has moss growing on it. In wind storms, small branches can fall on the roof. The pitch Is 6 in 12. Would a rubber or rubberized asphalt be a better choice or metal for this situation? If metal - which would be better - galvanized steel or aluminum?
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Metal is better in all of the applications mentioned. The fact that it is completely non-absorptive will prevent it from holding moisture and therefore having bulk moss grow on it. It is more resistant to penetration via foreign object. It does not break down in time like a rubber or asphalt roof will and does (i.e. 18 years). Unless you are in proximity to salt water, galvanized steel is a perfect choice.

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