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Hello, i was thinking about putting a metal roof on my house but was worried about the weight. Does anyone by chance know what the weight of the pre-painted panels would be. Approximately on a lbs per sq ft basis? Your help is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Chris.
David Stermer
Hi Chris, Thanks for your question. One of the benefits of metal roofing is its low weight. Obviously the weight will vary with material, thickness and profile. Having said that, 26 gauge steel panels in common profiles weigh around 1 psf. Regards, David Stermer
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We just got done hoisting 20 panels of R-loc 26-gauge up onto the roof, and I was curious what it weighed. The spec sheet for this profile, which is the tallest one they make, I think, with 1.25 inch ridges, is .881 PSF.
Eric Novotny
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Post up some pictures of the completed project Colleen.

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