Vent Pipe Collar Hits Standing Seam

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During the ordeal of the storm damage to our old asphalt shingle roof and replacing it with a very nice standing seam metal roof, we have asked you for some advice and thank you for your previous answers. The standing seam metal roof is now installed, but there is a final problem. For background, our roof is very simple, with the front and back being the same. Each side is a 7/12 pitch on top that breaks to a 4/12 pitch on bottom. So, each section consists of 2 metal panels (a top and a bottom) with a break flashing in the middle. The difficulty arose because the seam for both panels had to be straight and straight with all the other panels across the roof. It turned out that this simple roof was difficult to install and took several attempts to get all of the seams visually straight. But it is done and looks great. Now the current problem. As would be expected, there is a 2" and a 4" PVC sewer vent through the roof that are really close to a standing seam. As I remember, the standing seam was not cut, but the hole is really close. I don't have a good description of the vent collar, but it appeares to be a UV resistant, semi-flexible, gray, collar and was sealed to the roof with caulk. The problem is that this collar was forced fitted to cover the hole, around the pipe and over the standing seam. It looks like it was oversized to cover the standing seam and them folded and beat on to take up the slack. I don't know how they did it, but it might have been heated since the folds look a little droopy and it looks more like a lump than a sewer collar. My issues with this are (1) it is cosmetically unattractive, (2) the expansion of the metal roof will put unanticipated stresses into the collar at these folds and may cause it to crack and leak or break the sewer pipe, and (3) it looks like the wrong collar shape for the situation and they just used what they had. So, my questions are: (1) are there various different shapes for these vent pipe collars and is there one that is more appropriate for a close standing seam? (2) My second question is how should the vent collar be installed if the vent is very close to the standing seam? (3)Can the seam be cut, creating space for the collar? (4) Are we creating a future leak?
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Always better to have them go through a field as compared to straddle a seam. They should be able to be moved from the attic side slightly.

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