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We live in Mexico and I am interested in having a metal roof for our house that we are building now. In Mexico we do not use metal roofing for residential purpose therefore there is no suppliers nor contractors that handle metal roofs here. We have 3 general questions: 1. Could you help us to find the right metal roof for us? 2. Could you also sell us the metal roof? 3. Could you help us with the installation of the metal roof? I very much look forward to receiving your answer. Thank you.
Eric Novotny
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1. Absolutely. What style were you looking for? 2. We can point you in the right direction. We are not a retail site but we do have lists of suppliers that we can point you toward. 3. This one is going to be hard unless we know of contractors in your area. Some of the panel roof systems can be installed by a qualified contractor/installer.
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Where you able to get your metal roof installed in Mexico? I know this email is a few years old but I am looking at building in Mexico and wanted to install a metal roof as well. Any info you have would be helpful.

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