10-year-old roof suddenly allows condensation

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We have a storage facility with a metal roof, no insulation. We are in an area that gets foggy in winter. This year for the first time, we were finding mild to moderate condensation inside the units in one building (some, but not all). I'm wondering why it would start now, and the most cost-effective way to address it. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Normally, I'd say this is the result of either the introduction of some moisture source to the area where this is happening. House plants. Ventless stove. Damp crawlspace. Leaking door. Exhaust vent not working or not being used. The other possibility is something has been done to make this area tighter so that ,moisture which used to escape through doors, windows, walls, ventilation, etc is now being held in place.

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