Low slope Free standing Carpot

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Hello I'm not sure this is the right place or the right question. I have a free standing RV carport. that was A torch down install but the wind kindly removed it for me. the carport is 20 feet wide x 35 feet Long the slop is on the 20 foot angle. the slope is North high side and south low side. I am was going to convert it to a metal roof. I get all the side trim no problem and the low slope side will have a gutter for runoff. but what do i put on the high side to keep water from getting in and under the plywood on the high side. I cant seem to find any flashing that is made for metal ribbed roof's that will fit in the ridges. I don't want to create a air dam when wind comes up and hits the high side of the slop. and potential rips the Flashing off that side. I hope I explained this correctly. thanks for your help. Mike.
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The make closures for the panel and you should have a type of cap that would go over the panel and then over the fascia board.

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