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I live in Flinn Springs with lots of sunshine in a 1975 Mobile Home. I noticed that none of the MHs in the area have solar and most don't have metal roofs. Inspecting my attic I discovered that the rafters are composed on 1x3s along sheathing and diagonal 1x3s running from the ceiling rafter at the marriage line to the midpoint of the roof 1x3s, all on 24" centers with pieces of 3/16" plywood used as webbing to stabilize the 1x3s. It's strong enough that when I walk on the roof there's no noticeable deflection or movement. There's about 4 to 6 inches of fiberglass insulation laid between the ceiling rafters over the ceiling. I want to install solar PV panels on the roof. I'm also considering possibly re-roofing since the shingle roof is probably 15 years old or older. I would like something reflective and long lasting. Metal seems to make sense. I would also like to put down 1x3s with foam panels with reflective mylar on one side in between then roof over that to add to the R value of the roof. I would like to know: 1. If the shingles are left in place would their weight be a problem? 2. Would the metal roof be able to withstand walking on if I laid the wood strips and foam panels under it? 3. Is there a different mounting method for metal roofs for PV cells than used with shingles? 4. Would laying foam panels over existing sheathing before laying down the metal overkill or not cost effective?
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1. If you are doing all of this work, remove the shingles. They will only hinder your roof assembly performance at this point and add extra weight. 2. Yes, depending on the spacing and how you walk on it. 3. Mounting systems depend entirely on the panel and roof type but there are dedicated systems and clips that work quite well. 4. Not overkill. Some foam with some above deck venting would work great here.

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