Martin Perschon
I have a contractor who is installing our metal roof. My concern is the way the shingles are not overlapped before he puts the cap on. I has one layer of ice-shield and tar paper. The shingles don't overlap each other on the ridge. There are large gaps and they are just covering the gaps with the cap. See the attached photo and give your opinion if this is correct. The roof is on a room that has six sides that come to a common point at the ridgeline.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Martin, For a hip corner such as those in the photos, this is generally acceptable though you still may want to check with the product manufacturer to verify. Your product was manufactured by Edco of Hopkins, MN. For an actual ridge or peak of the roof, the gap between the shingle courses would need to be closed in in some fashion.
Guest User
Thanks Todd, that really puts my mind at ease. And thank you for clarifying the difference between a hip and a ridge so we now know the proper terms.

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