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Hello, I have an existing metal roof which inspectors and roofers say is in excellent shape. I need to replace a skylight and the installer says that the best installation would be to replace the entire metal panel when installing the new skylight. There was another opening above the skylight where we permanently removed a stove pipe and have a temporary fix. So, replacing the entire panel is prudent. The installer has been unable to locate the metal roofing. Can anyone identify this roofing for me (see attached pic)? The distance from the middle of one ridge to the middle of the next is 9 inches. Thank you. M.L.Gallup
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Should be able to do a solid repair on that panel where the pipe was if you can't locate the panel as well.
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give a call to Paul Riddell at 303-773-8071. he might know who manufactured the panel. if he does not know contact my office in Arizona and they can custom make the panel. 480-558-7210

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