ranch house and metal roof

Jerry Coolbaugh
I have had issued ever since getting an asphalt roof on my house.....I keep getting water spots after a wind driven rain.....had ridge cap replaced several times and also new boot put on electric pipe which goes through roof...done several times as well. I am looking into getting a metal roof installed....which do you recommend.....imperial rib and standing seam......I know standing seam is more expensive, but I want what is going to be better.....what about expansion......Also should I have a water paper barrier put over entire old asphalt roof before metal roof put on.....I am really concerned about this leak......contractor has assured me this will not happen again.......(we did have several different roofers over the last few year to check where leak is actually coming from, but no one seems to get it right, as there is not evidence in attic. It spots in the same two areas each time, but once when it was very windy it spotted in additional spaces. So, I guess what I am asking is will this be a fix by going with metal roof....as the contractor guarantees? Also what about snow guards or snow bridges/rails......is one better for either roof.....if not do you recommend one over the other? As you can tell I am new to this, but the more knowledge I have the better off I will be......or not.... Thank you for your help As you can see I am new to this, but
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
First off, I wouldn't use whatever roofer can't find the leak in your current roof to do your metal roof. I would opt for a standing seam roof in lieu of the rib roof and I would tear off the old asphalt as well as compared to going over the top. As long as your metal contract is aware of the wind driven rain issue, he should be able to address the ridge vent with that in mind and ensure that it will not leak.
Ryan Scott
I would strongly recommend Standing seam roofing as they are environmentally-friendly and a premium quality roofing system that you can trust. For your leakage issues, you need to identify the root cause by discussing at length with your contractor. Do take help from other experts to mitigate this issue.

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