Matte finsih coatings

Rodney Ward
We are a design firm and have designed a large home w/ a metal standing seam roof. My concern, and that of the client, is that the roof does not have a gloss finish (or semi-gloss)but want a more "matte" finish. I have been online and looked @ numerous coating manufacturers and metal suppliers and have not found one advertising a "matte" (flat) finish, other that a "matte black". Black is not the color we are looking for, but instead more of a zinc, aged zinc, aged copper, or light bronze color. Can you assist me w/ a paint or metal supplier whose product fits our criteria. Thank you for your time and appreciate the assistance, Rodney Ward Ward Design Group
Eric Novotny
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David Stermer
Hi Rodney, Thanks for your question about metal roofs. I recommend you discuss this with your metal roof manufacturer. Low Gloss finishes are commonly available. It may be that your supplier does not stock the color you want in a low gloss finish, but they should be able to get it on a custom basis. Regards, David
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Adding in just a bit ... a few of the paint companies are offering textured finishes as an option and some panel manufacturers may offer them. Here's an example of one paint manufacturer's textured finish: The textured finishes are polyester rather than PVDF chemistry. I know of a company that also offers an optioned textured PVDF powder coat but they have limitations on panel length that would probably become an issue for your job.
Dick Bus
Rodney, Most of the colors can be supplied in a matte finish or 10 degree gloss. The standard is a 30 degree gloss level. 10 degree gloss is considered a special and is subject to minimums. Make sure you specify a PVDF paint as it will resist fade and caulk. Several manufacturers that are members of the Metal Roofing Alliance can supply a matte finish. Thanks for selecting a metal roof and let us know if we can help you further.
Marie Jainga

I believe this is a good place to publish my question. I am on the architectural committee for our HOA. One of our committee members was told from the initial developers when she purchased her lot that "reflective" roofs (metal) are not allowed in the CCRs. Now the discussion has been opened. Are there varying degrees of reflectivity? Some of us, believe their are metal roofs that would qualify for low reflectivity, but how will we know, if homeowners that are building in our development use such materials that would qualify for low reflectivity. Is there a rating system we should be aware of? Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I also saw from a previous question about a person complaining of his neighbors new roof and the glaring sheen. This is what we wish to avoid.

Larry Lake

Margie, we just went through this scenario with an HOA that only allowed clay or concrete tile. They asked us to build a mock up display using the charcoal grey finish and locate it in different locations, including the golf course fairway and greens, to see if reflectivity was a factor. It was not. They approved the product for our customer and now we have others that want to follow and get away from concrete tiles. I would be happy to share the information with you for your committee.

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