Russell Quinn
I have built a 12' x 20' carport and want to add a metal roof. I'm in a redwood forest where falling branches are common and I'd like to have some protection against the smaller ones at least. I'd also like it to be brown or green color. Classic Rib Steel Roof panels look perfect for what I want, but I can't find anything similar that comes in 2' widths — everything is 3' — and my rafters are 2' on center. Any ideas? Thanks, Russell.
Eric Novotny
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David Stermer
Hi Russell, Thanks for the question. It looks like rafters are 2' on center, running up the slope. If that is the case, you could attach the panels to the blocking which would create two spans of 5' with a 1' overhang at each eave. That's assuming the blocking is well attached to the rafters, in line and level. R Panel running up the slope may be the better panel selection. Also I would recommend adding a fascia board around the edge of the roof to support the panel and permit attachment of flashings. My contact info is [email protected], 502-855-4342 in case you would like to discuss this further. Regards, David

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