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I have a Pro-Panel II roof on a 4/12 pitch installed in 2005. The ridge cap supplied with the building is 20"x12' (10" on either side of the peak) and uses a closed foam closure to insure against leaks. I have replaced the ridge cap closures, caulked and re-calked three times in ten years in an effort to stop leakage from the peak of the roof with little or no success. I am told that a pre-formed ridge cap, fitting the Pro-Panel II profile, is available which would eliminate the use of the foam closures. This direct adhesion ridge cap sounds like it would be the perfect solution the problem. My questions are as follows: 1) Is this a viable alterative to the foam closures and 2) Where can the product be purchased? I have had no luck in locating this type ridge cap to date. Thank you in advance for your reply. Ken Hays
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Are you sure that the leak is from the foam closures? Before replacing anything I suggest that you do a water test, using a water hose, to determine where the water comes from. Is your roof an "A" frame or a cathedral?

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