tony tony
I have been installing metal building for several years this will be my first attempt to install of a house (metal to wood) this is my home. i plan to strip the old roofing, tar paper 30# and install 1 x 4 furring strips with foam board insulation between the 1 x 4's is there a preferred foam board to use? is there a magazine or insulation guide to go by? i have talk to fabral (my supplier) they have helped a little but could not answer these questions or supply the best know methods.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I question the insulation and I must assume that you have a vaulted ceiling, otherwise it serves no purpose othe than assisting in the walkability. If it is a vaulted ceiling, then the code calls for a minimum of 1" air space over the insulation and under the roof covering. Hence you will need to set the sheets up off the roof or insulation. As to the insulation, depending on the desity, white styrofoam does not take more than 1round 165 degrees in temp before it breaks down and a black roof can reach 180. I would recommend insulating over the existing deck with ridgid insulation eqivolent to a Dow SM. It is more stable, has better insulation rates and supports a load. Then install the building paper. Then strap the roof vertically over the rafters with fasteners long enough to get a min of 1" into the rafters. Now you can strap horizontal at the appropriate centres fastening into the vertical strapping. This provides your air chamber, puts the moisture barrier on the right side of the insulation, monolithic insulation and good fastening for wind uplift. Then you can use profiled vented closures at the eaves and ridge to provide the ventilation. Good luck.
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