Mike Polhemus
I will soon be building in North Texas and would like a metal roof. My builder will be using spray foam insulation throughout the exterior walls and the attic. HVAC will be in the attic. I've read about the differences between using aluminum and steel and am leaning toward steel for cost considerations and the fact that I won't have the coastal corrosion threat which leads people toward aluminum. From what I've gleaned from reading, steel will be more hail resistant also. I've had a hard time finding any side-by-side SRI comparisons between the two materials also. Is there a place I can find that info, or is it just not a significant enough difference to concern myself with? Additionally, since the house plan is in the designing stage, I can choose a roof pitch. Are there any pitch considerations I should be looking at? Thank you for your consideration.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
What type of metal roof are you doing? Standing seam? You answered basically all of your own questions on the material selection end of things. Steel sounds like the right choice here. I would possibly use some rigid foam up against the roof prior to shooting it with foam to lessen the amount of SPF you need as well as allow the roof to move indiscriminate of the foam.
Ryan Scott
Hi Mike, steel will be hail resistant. On choosing a roof pitch, you need to seek the opinion of your architect and roofing company, before you take a call.

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