Right-sizing for residential applications

Steph McDougal
I'm a historic preservation professional working with a major city planning department to try to provide guidance to property owners who want to install metal roofs on their relatively small historic homes. We have seen some instances of people using what I would describe as commercial-scale standing-seam metal roofs, with very large panels, that are visually inappropriate for a house. Could one of you experts point me toward any publication(s) that provide panel sizing guidelines/standards based on the size of the roof, or anything else that would help us in this situation? Thanks in advance!
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Steph, How old a part of Houston are we talking about? Ultimately, nothing that is produced or field fabricated today will be completely representative of what was used 100 years ago, but we wouldn't want it to be either. What will look right will depend on the home size and ridge width. The previous panels were probably some where in the 12-16" variety.

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