Installing metal on a sagging roof

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I would like to have a metal roof installed on a house that I just purchased. The house is probably around 60 years old and the trusses have sagged considerably in areas. I am going to reinforce the roof so that no further sagging contiues, and have had a few contractors in to give me prices on metal roof installations. There are existing shingles on the roof and most contractors quote a price that includes the removal of the old shingles entirely and then strapping the roof to level before installation. A few though have quoted on simply laying a strapping over the existing roof and installing the metal roofing, saying the strapping will even out the sagging somewhat. There is no doubt that strapping will not eliminate the sagging but can you further tell me if there would be problems such as leaking and problems with shedding snow load. Thank you.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
First off contact the manufacturer of the profiles you are looking at. Next is the roof obviously has structural issues that will only get worse with time so reducing the dead load is importand so tear off the old shingles. A couple of rules are that the plainer or flatter the profile the more the sags will show through. As well, the glossier the finish, the more you will see it and the last consideration is that some vertical rib sheets will not bend enough to from to the existing roof causing side lap issues that can effect the weatherability properties. Remeber you are deciding on installing a permenat roof system so do it right the first time. Also make sure you bring the ventilation of the attic up to code at the same time to reduce any effects from heat loss and ice daming. There are a number of panel systems similar to the ones we manufacture, that are designed to install on strapping with bolder profiles such as tile and shake and are available in granular finishes that help facilitate shimming and hiding the balance.Have a look at our web site.
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