Cheri Harris
My husband and I recently bought a 20-year-old, double-wide manufactured home in Eastern Washington. It is extremely windy here much of the time, very hot in summer, and cold in winter. Some snow, but not usually a lot. We do get rain in winter and early spring. Composition shingle roof is crumbling. We have lived in metal roof homes before in Western WA and liked them very much. We have not seen many metal roofs here in our city in Eastern WA, but there are some. Would like to add eaves to front and back. Wind is a big concern. Garage attached to back of house. Do you recommend a metal roof for this home? (Photo attached). If so, what type? Concerned about the wind. Would also like recommendations on insulation and heat-reflective materials for under the roofing. Could solar panels be attached later? Would a light color be preferable to deflect more heat in summer? Thank you so much for your help!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all you will need to know the pitch of your roof. It is fairly low and could limit what types of metal roofs ca be used on it. I think the right metal roof should work well though. I'd look at this as a time to increase attic ventilation and insulation if you can. A lighter color roof will be more reflective but there are dark colors available with heat reflective pigment. Yes, solar panels can be attached.

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