1/4:12 Pitch will standing seam work

John P
I have an application where I'd like to use a standing seam LCC roof on a 1/4" per foot pitch roof. Is this an acceptable application in the northeast given the possibility, that in extreme conditions, ice may form on the roof preventing water from draining? I'm concerned about leaks at the seams. Is there an industry reference source for determining acceptable applications for a roof given a specific pitch and geographic location? Thank you
David Stermer
Hi John, The International Building Code (IBC) in section 1507.4.2.3 specifically allows standing seam metal roof panel system on slopes as flat as 1/4:12. Ice build-up is probably the biggest challenge at this slope. It can cause hydrostatic conditions - standing water. There are standing seam systems that when properly installed can remain water-tight even in these applications. I would recommend avoiding roof penetrations, valleys and end laps at this slope, if possible. Regards, David

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