Metal on ISO for a wall

Tooger Smith
Finally got the roof figured. Now for the wall. 2 x 6, 16 oc, 1 inch rough sawn sheathing, 1.5 in ISO taped, metal. I know we can put the metal directly over 1 inch ISO. How about 1.5? The reason for this is that 1.5 is really needed to keep the condensation. We are located right on the zone 4 and zone 5. The interior cavity can be filled with rock wool, or fiberglass or cut ISO and wool, fiberglass. I realize the screw would have to be installed carefully. This went well with a building we had built two years ago with one inch iso. Again, good site and thanks ahead of time.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Screw it in properly (i.e. don't over torque them) or just put of some light strapping and hang the metal that way.
Tooger Smith

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