Metal Sheathing for Quonset

Jeromeg Gunderson
I dismantled a 40' wide by 60 ' long metal framed Quonset last fall. I intend to reassemble the building on my property this summer (2015). The corrugated sheathing was in rough shape (rusted) and by the time I finished removing the nailed down sheathing the curved sheets where not worth reusing. I am looking for an economical replacement sheathing The rafters, purlings and braces are all metal. The 6" deep rafters are 4' OC with the horizontal purling 3'-4 1/4" OC -- there are 19 horizontal purlings that run the length of the building. The purlings are a I beam configuration measuring 2 3/8" deep. There is one spacing of a purling run that is 4'-2" another 3"-10 1/4" OC. -- in the area of the rafter splices The Quonset was built the late 40' early 50's by Stran-Steel. The curve of the rafter is a perfect half circle with a inside radius of 20'. When adding together the 6" rafter depth, 2 3/8" purling the outside radius is 20" 8 3/8" the diameter is 41' 4 3/4". The old sheathing required five sheets to span the distance from footing to footing. --over the arch of the building and the sheets ran vertically with "tarred" seams. The attached picture is not mine but looks like the same building Where can I find sheathing for this project -- I am looking for a supplier.
Eric Novotny
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Interesting project. Probably wouldn't be the cheaper option but there are standing seam extruders that can make that radius in a single sheet.
Guest User
HI I'm interested in your project as I may purchase a building similar to yours. Could you provide a phone # so I could contact you and discuss?

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