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We are planning to install an exposed fastener steel roof over an asphalt shingle roof. The building is a small chapel that is used only once or twice a month and then is not heated or cooled the remainder of the time. Will this create any unique problems as it will be heated for several hours to a day and then shut off. It is not used in the summer months. We are in WI so snow, ice damning issues etc are real and summer can be hot/humid and this building is not used or cooled in the summer. It is a small building and it does have a pitched roof. Also what is "installed with solid sheathing" mean? I read this in comments about noise reduction. I am trying to assure that the steel roof will not be really noisy in rain while the chapel is being used. Also I see barriers are applied in some videos and not in others. I see wood slats used to nails the steel too. Are both of these necessary and if so why or why not? I am not a roofing person but just trying to make a smart decision for a small project for our chapel.
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Has the roof ice dammed before? If you were to incorporate some purlins and some vent space above the old roof, that should keep the ice damming to a minimum.

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